Are there any known side effects?

There are no known side effects associated with Hair Skin and Nails.

People suffering from kidney disease should talk to their doctor before using the supplement.

Since Kelp Algae is present, people with thyroid problems or using thyroid medications should discuss the potential effects of using Hair Skin and Nails.

Biotin, one of the ingredients of Hair Skin & Nails, can sometimes indirectly cause acne, by competing with vitamin B5. Since both biotin and vitamin B5 are absorbed from the intestines via the same receptors, the level of B5 vitamin may be lower, which is a possible cause for acne.  Consuming more Vitamin B5 in your diet is one solution if you are prone to acne. Rich sources include mushrooms, eggs, cheese, fish, avocado, and sweet potato.

An excess of vitamin B-3 has been known to cause unpleasant rashes in some people. Even though the dosage (25 mg) in Hair Skin & Nails should not lead to rashes, certain sensitive individuals may experience a reddening or flushing to the skin.

Pregnant mothers and anyone with thyroid problems or kidney disease should consult a physician before using this dietary supplement.

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