Is it best to take Probiotics with food or without food?

BioSchwartz Probiotics can be taken with OR without food, with no consequence to efficacy!

Some Science for Those That Are More Curious:

For Probiotics in general, it is commonly advised that taking them with a meal is best, as the presence of the food dilutes the acidity of the stomach environment; this recommendation stems from the fact that the main challenge is getting them through the stomach acids intact, as most Probiotics die in the process. BioSchwartz Probiotics, however, feature the MakTrek Delivery system, which protects the Probiotic strains through the stomach's acidity and ensures their arrival in the intestine intact, regardless of whether or not the capsules are taken with a meal!

MakTrek provides 2 layers of protection to significantly reduce Probiotic degradation in stomach acid; our lab studies have demonstrated that our technology enhances strain survivability by as much as 287% over other products on the market.

The first layer of protection is the capsule itself, however that is very quickly dissolved; when the capsule is breached and fluid reaches the contents, a polymerization creates a “secondary” capsule, impenetrable by stomach acids. This secondary capsule, which contains the Probiotics, then travels to the small intestine, where it is broken down and releases the Probiotics, alive and intact, for colonization.

Ultimately, we've created a formula that makes it easy for you to decide what's best for refrigerate, to not take with a meal, to take without a meal!"

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